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“I want to be always connected to the internet and protected from its threats; anywhere, anytime.”
“In case of any problem, I need to have a company with experience, who can I trust and take care of my privacy.”
“I need expert advice when buying new equipment, to get the most out of it.”
“Grow my business with internet tools and technology.”
“Optimize my business resources, and enhance employee’s performance through the proper use of technology.”


iMype provides Information Technology and Communications (ICT) products and services. We focus on designing efficient and effective solutions according to the characteristics of each company.

Our strength is a customized service with quality and reliability in all our activities, which has allowed us to develop strong ties with our customers, more than just a commercial relationship.

Our Services

Outsourcing of ICT services.

Delegate the operation of your entire platform to experts, with a turnkey solution that allows you to focus on the productivity of your business.

Agile development of custom applications.

iMype is a member of Filemaker Business Alliance, a tool for deploying business applications for the desktop, the web and mobile devices.

Cloud based productivity tools and services.

Increase the productivity and effectiveness of your employees by implementing Cloud Services, which allow you to work from anywhere and on any device.

Internet protection and monitoring.

We provide tools to protect the online activities of your employees in the office, maximizing productivity.

Expert ICT support.

Call the experts to provide the right solution in a practical and efficient way. We work with Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

ICT provision and implementation.

We select the right tools for each job and business: computers, smartphones, servers, network devices, software, etc.

See what our customers have to say about us.

"We work with iMype for several years, and they have always met our requirements with absolute professionalism and excellent treatment."

Norma Quezada R.

Administrator, Caoba Inmobiliaria

"iMype is a company that is always willing to help you at all times, generating fast and effective solutions."

Diana Luna Torres

Administrative Manager, Corporación Skinner

"We worked together for many years thanks to the professional and efficient response to the needs of the company locally, in coordination with the regional team."

Julia Viñas

Excecutive Director, Futurebrand - Perú

Our custommers.


Our Business partners